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CEO Sara Soulati


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CEO Sara Soulati Celebrates 20 Years As EECP Authority

Global Cardio Care CEO Sara Soulati Celebrates 20 Years
As Leading EECP Authority


Soulati has developed a patent-pending lifestyle program, a proprietary method of EECP, and a sports protocol and manages two physician practices dedicated to EECP treatment.


LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2016 – Global Cardio Care, Inc. announced today that its CEO Sara Soulati has marked 20 years in the field of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP). She is the world leading authority on its practice, efficacy and effect on cardiovascular disease and a variety of other illnesses using EECP therapy.  Her patent-pending- ‘The Sara Soulati Health for Life program’ is a disease-prevention and lifestyle modification Program.


For two decades, Soulati has been a pioneer in utilizing EECP, the FDA-cleared, non-surgical and medication-free therapy, to assist those suffering from end-stage cardiovascular disease. At the same time, she has seen the positive effects of EECP therapy combined with her lifestyle modification and disease prevention program on other illnesses and risk factors for disease.


Soulati manages two physician practices in Inglewood and West Los Angeles that deliver EECP therapy using her methodology and protocols for anti-aging, testosterone improvement and erectile dysfunction, renal failure, diabetes, prevention, reversal of disease and a variety of other diseases and illness in addition to using EECP for sports enhancement and injury recovery.


In the beginning, Soulati devoted her attention to the mechanics of EECP on multiple diseases. At the time, The University of New York at Stony Brook was the only other center doing EECP therapy in the United States and they were doing it for End stage Cardiovascular Disease only. Soulati studied and developed and created protocols for not only for End Stage Cardiovascular Disease but for all other diseases that arise from poor circulation like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, angina pectoris, chest pain, and atherosclerosis.


Currently, Soulati continues to dedicate herself to preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease, a preventable illness through lifestyle modification by educating clients to seize control of their lifestyle with vegan nutrition, exercise and stress reduction, Soulati believes that cardiovascular disease can be prevented. She has also the pioneer and creator of the only sports protocol designed for all professional athletes ranging from the NFL, NBA, US Tennis, US Track and Field, Professional Boxing and many many more.

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